The Alternate Help !
Label: Blackhead Walrus














Country: Guadaloupe
Release date: 2003

















The Alternate Album
Help! (Take 12)    
The Night Before (07/06/65 - Ticket To Ride)    
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Mono Mix Take 9)    
I Need You (Mono Mix Take 5)    
Another Girl (Mono Mix By George Martin Take 1)    
You're Going To Lose That Girl (Take 3 RS3)    
Ticket To Ride (Take 2)    
Act Naturally (01/08/65 - Live From Blackpool Night Out)    
It's Only Love (Mono Mix Take 6)    
You Like Me Too Much (Mono Mix Take 8)    
Tell Me What You See (Take 4)    
I've Just Seen A Face (Mono Mix Take 6)    
Yesterday (Take 2)    
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Backing Track) 

The Alternatives
Yes It Is (Take 1)    
I'm Down (Take 7)    
Bad Boy (Take 4)    
If You've Got Troubles (Take 1)    
That Means A Lot (Take 21)    
Help! (Take 5)    
Yesterday (Mono Mix Take 2 RM1)    
The Live Versions
Help! (15/08/65 - Live At Shea Stadium)    
Ticket To Ride (18/08/65 - Live At The Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta)    
Act Naturally (14/08/65 - Live On The Ed Sullivan Show)    
Yesterday (14/08/65 - Live On The Ed Sullivan Show)    
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (31/12/62 - Live At The Star-Club)    
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (19/08/65 - Live At The Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston)    
I'm Down (15/08/65 - Live At Shea Stadium)    
Yesterday (29/08/66 - Live In Candlestick Park, San Francisco)

The Get Back Sessions
Dizzy Miss Lizzy    
Bad Boy 


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